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1:1 coaching for creatives and coaches to build a brand that attracts their dream clients and turns them into long term paying customers.

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Plan of attack

1:1 sessions for brands looking to up their game.

In the brand strategy 1:1 coaching we will define where you need help, what’s most important for you to focus on right now, an easy and adaptable plan and most importantly keep you inspired and creative within your business. 

This is a 12 week program, where we meet every 2 weeks to discuss your brand. Each week will have a different focus and you will have clear direction on the steps you need to take. 



Session 1: Uncover your strengths

Session one we will take a look at your brand so far and define where you most need help to make sure you get the most from the 12 weeks.


Session 2: Hone in on your direction

This week is all about getting clarity on your big dream and how you’re gonna get there. We will focus on:

  • Vision & mission,
  • Purpose
  • Values
  • Promise
  • Audience


Session 3: Power up your message

Messaging is key for any business. For this session we’re going to get to know your customer better than you know yourself and craft the perfect message that will keep them coming back for more.


Session 4: Get killer visuals

The visuals of your brand are like the wardrobe of your company so it’s important that they give the right impression. This week we will look at your visual identity, marketing materials, online communications and anything else that is representing your brand. I will give you clear direction on how to stay consistent and how to stand out from the noise.


Session 5: Rugby tackle your website 

A website is a big investment and the go to place for every new & existing customer, your website deserves a full weeks attention. This week we will look at what you would like your website to do in order to grow your business and set clear steps in order to achieve that. We will cover:

  • Customer journey
  • Website goals
  • Brand experience within your website


Session 6: Craft a brand experience

The experience that your customers have whilst interacting with your brand can be the difference between a once of sale and a customer for life. There are multiple chances within the customer journey to create an amazing experience. In the final session we will defining your touch points and create a plan that will not only get you more customers but help create brand cheerleaders who will rave about your company to all their friends. It’s like marketing for free!

Who, what, where and when?


Where: Online through Zoom

I will send out a Zoom link 15 minutes before the call. Please come prepped with a notebook and pen


When: Bi-weekly 

We will meet every 2 weeks on a day that suits you. Alternatively speed up the process and do a session every week.


What: 6x 60-120 minute session

This is a 12 week program, where we meet every 2 weeks to discuss your brand and create a brand strategy. Each week we will cover a specific topic, I will ask you before hand to send on any burning questions that you may have on the topic and try to cover them during the session. This can also be done in 6 weeks if you prefer, however I advise 12 weeks to allow for implementation. 


Who: Me! The Design Coach

In case we haven’t met I’m Lisa, I’m a brand coach. I’ve worked in branding for 5 years and in graphic/web design for 10. Along the way I’ve defined lots of tips and tricks to building a successful brand and I love nothing more than to help bring a business to life through branding.

Going out on your own and building your own business is one of the bravest things you’ll ever do. It’s tough keeping yourself motivated and wearing all the hats of the business, it takes a certain type of character to take that leap. So well done you. That being said I know all to well trying to define what area is important to focus on at any given time is a recipe for anxiety. Especially when the gremlin at the end of your to-do list seems to be on a constant caffeine buzz creating more and more for you to do. So there is nothing better than a bit of support and a pair of fresh eyes on your brand to get you back on track.

To begin building a brand and attracting your dream client find out if 1:1 coaching is the right fit for you

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