Transform your ad-hoc freelancing

And create a purpose filled design business that supports you, both financially and emotionally 😉

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Plan of attack

1:1 sessions for designers looking to up their game.

In 1:1 coaching we’ll define where you need help, what’s most important for you to focus on right now, an easy and adaptable plan and most importantly keep you inspired and creative within your business.

We’ll meet once a week to discuss your business, brand, creative process, plans for the weekend whatever it is you need. I’m here to support you and most importantly help you move forward in your design business.

Who, what, where and when?

Where: Online through Zoom

I will send out a Zoom link 15 minutes before the call. Please come prepped with a notebook and pen

When: Weekly

We will meet every week at a time previously agreed.

Who: Me! The Design Coach

In case we haven’t met I’m Lisa, I’m a brand coach. I’ve worked in branding for 7 years and in graphic/web design for 12. Along the way I’ve defined lots of tips and tricks to building a successful branding business and I love nothing more than to help bring a business to life through branding.

Going out on your own and building your own business is one of the bravest things you’ll ever do. It’s tough keeping yourself motivated and wearing all the hats of the business, it takes a certain type of character to take that leap. So well done you. That being said I know all to well trying to define what area is important to focus on at any given time is a recipe for anxiety. Especially when the gremlin at the end of your to-do list seems to be on a constant caffeine buzz creating more and more for you to do. So there is nothing better than a bit of support and a pair of fresh eyes on your brand to get you back on track.

What: 3, 6, 9 even 100 sessions

The amount of sessions we do is totally up to you. To start out I suggest doing a block of 3 to see some real progress and from there we can decide how to continue.

3x 60min sessions

Weekly or bi-weekly it’s up to you, you’ll get clarity and direction to keep you on track


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1x 90min in-depth session

A one off in-depth look at your creative business, walking away with a clear plan


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Freelancer to Brand designer 1:1

6x 2hr sessions every second week covering each area of your entire business.
We’ll cover:
Your Client  |  Your brand  |  Your offering  |  Your message  |  Your website  |  Your experience


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To begin building a design business and attracting your dream client find out if 1:1 coaching is the right fit for you.