5 simple steps to a strong brand

Branding can feel overwhelming when you try to get started. I’ve learnt over the years that there are 5 key elements that create a strong brand and once you get these right you can’t go wrong. I’ve kept this one really simple so that it feels more approachable and you can start implementing these today.


Vision & mission

I can’t stress enough here how vital this was to my business. Before I knew what my vision and mission were I was feeling like the business still didn’t align with me. It needed purpose, it needed meaning and it needed to be strong enough to keep me going through the hard times.

The day I wrote out my vision and mission I felt a strong feeling of purpose in my life. Your business takes up a lot of your waking hours as well as plenty that should be spent sleeping. If you don’t feel a sense of purpose with it, you’ll soon lose passion and enthusiasm.


Company Values

If you’re brave enough to change the world, you’ll almost certainly have beliefs on how people should be treated along the way!

What are the values that you, your brand and your customer would likely have in common? This helps to create a relatable emotional connection to your brand. If you customer believes that you stand for something that they feel strongly about they are more likely to support you.


Audience & messaging

Knowing your audience and what they need is the most valuable information you can gather for your business. Make sure what you’re saying speaks directly to your customer. Speak to their fears and frustrations and show them you have the answer.

Your message is the key piece that ties this altogether, without a clear message your marketing will have no structure and you’ll be lucky to see any results.


Visual Identity

A strong visual identity for your brand doesn’t just make you look good it reinforces confidence in your brand because you’ve taken the time to express the personality visually. The visuals of your brand will help to create emotions within your customer, this is important because as humans we’re emotional beings therefore we will remember a brand better if we feel an emotional connection to it at some level.



Consistency works 2 ways, the 1st is keeping all your communication materials singing off the same hymn sheet. This means they should all look like they belong together visually and display your visual identity. This helps people to recognise your brand before they read a single word.

The second is what your communicating or promoting should make sense to your brand and your brand values. For example if you’re a natural cleaning products company you’re hardly going to start raving about how white Dettol gets your bathroom. 


So there you have it 5 simple steps to creating a strong brand if you would like to read a more in-depth explanation please download my free guide “A beginner’s guide on how to create a brand” and as always if you need any help please reach out and see if we would be a good match to work together.

Happy branding!