Strategy sessions

1 hour session

Creative strategy session

Branding is so much more that a nice logo and a functioning website these days and with all the competition out there it’s difficult to get noticed. What most small companies are over looking is the brand experience. Now this might seem like something for the big corporate guys but there are hundreds of ways to create a strong brand experience within any business. From my 10 years of experience in design it’s the number one thing that works and one of the easiest things to implement.

In this session we will focus on a number of areas and then hone in on one idea that will leave you bursting with creativity. The direction we take is always unique. From finding all the small areas that create your brand, to coming up with brand new events to host that show exactly who you are. The possibilities are endless.

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What my clients have to say

Just did a creative strategy session with Lisa the Design Coach and I can honestly say I’m brimming with ideas and positivity about my next move with my business. She talked me through some technical issues I was having with my site and helped me to understand how to resolve them with ease and patience. She took the time and attention to hear me babble about my ideas and what I need. She not only took on board and really understood what I was looking for but also suggested things that have set the lightbulbs flashing for me. I’m here at my laptop now writing descriptions for new classes and workshops and thanks to Lisa I have some very exciting things to work on and a clear plan of how to promote them. I can’t recommend her enough. Exceptional!

Diarmaid O’Sullivan – DOS Artist


2 hour session + a plan of action

Website rugby tackle

Websites are confusing business these days, it’s hard to decide what will work best for your business. In this session I will

  1. Help you plan the best option for you 
  2. Do a full analysis of your current website if you have one
  3. Define your website goals so you know how it will grow your business
  4. Create a clear plan to get your website off on the right foot
  5. Create a strong customer journey to help you convert sales
  6. Show you how to continue to develop your brand identity and reflect your brand personality.

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4 hour workshop

Build a brand in a day!

Nowadays, people buy things in order to develop a sense of belonging. They identify themselves in part by the brand ‘tribes’ that they belong to. You need to develop a brand that is tribe-worthy. 

This project will help you to develop:

  • A succinct definition of who your best customers are/will be
  • A critical look at your competition – the obvious and the indirect
  • Your value proposition – who you are, what you do, why people should care
  • What makes you different from the crowd
  • Your brand vision and mission statements
  • Your brand personality and values – how you sound and what you believe in
  • Your brand essence – the strategic summary of everything that you are and aspire to be. 

To clarify, this is not a design project. This is a strategy-level project, it’s one of the most important efforts that you will put into the creation or development of your business. And yes, you will be expected to participate!

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Invest in your brand


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Is it possible to do just one session?

Yes of course that’s not a problem. The process is split into phases to help you work around your own needs and budget.

What happens in the strategic website session?

Whether you decide to have your website built with me or not, knowing what you want your website to do for your business and how it will do that is key to a successful build. I’ve seen too many people spend a lot of money on a website only to have it sit there and do nothing. I wish to create websites that are useful and that you can see a return on your investment.

Can you just help with my customer journey?

Yes of course I’d love to help. Get in touch and we can make a plan.

I already have a website but it's not working for me, can you help?

Yes of course I’d love to help. Get in touch and let me know what it is you wish to achieve and I’ll help you create a strong website.