The brand up-cycle

Your full rebrand package

So you’re ready for a full make over? Give me the works you say.

Don’t worry I’ve go you covered.

There’s nothing better than a fresh new look to get things going again but at this stage in business you know there’s more to branding that a shiny new outfit. The brand up-cycle was created to cover all areas and make sure everyone’s singing from the same hymn sheet. We’ve got 4 areas to get you back on track. You can do them all at once or take it once step at a time.


Phase 1

Redefine your brand in a day!

You’ve done this before so you know how much it helps to get you clear on where you’re going. The task of rebranding needs clear direction and a new purpose to fuel you and your team. This phase will help you do just that. This is a collaborative session so get a few different staff members involved from different ares of the business. The more knowledge we have in the room the better.

You leave with a new brand mission, clear direction and a strong purpose for your new brand.


Phase 2

Visual identity design

Let’s get you that shiny new look. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Custom logo design to show you mean business
  • A colour palette that reflects your unique personality
  • Typography that screams professionalism or quirkiness if you prefer
  • Complimenting graphics if you feel you need some extra frills
  • A branded social media pack to keep you consistent 
  • Branding guidelines so you and anyone designing for your brand know how to stay consistent
  • Business card design to feel confident whilst networking
  • Other extras if needed are: suggested icon pack, branded PowerPoint template, branded stationery


Phase 3

Website rugby tackle

Are you sick of having a website that just sits there and does nothing to grow your business? Are you sick of everyone telling you how important a website is yet you just can’t see the direct benefits.  In this phase I will

  1. Help you decide what your new goals are 
  2. Create a clear strategic plan to get your website working for you
  3. Create a strong customer journey to help you convert sales
  4. Fully design and build your dream website with all the frills
  5. Continue to develop your brand identity and reflect your new purpose.


Phase 4

Your brand experience

You know well that branding is so much more that a nice logo and a functioning website these days and with all the competition out there it’s difficult to get noticed. What most small companies are over looking is the brand experience. Now this might seem like something for the big corporate guys but there are hundreds of ways to create a strong brand experience within any business. From my 10 years of experience in design it’s the number one thing that works and one of the easiest things to implement.

In this phase we will work together to define your customer touch points and create a strong brand experience so your customers will keep coming back again and again.

Invest in your brand


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How long does the full process take?

The process varies with each client and depends on your schedule and how long it takes for your to prepare the content for your website but we hope to minimise that as much as possible during our website strategy session. The 1st 2 phases tend to take 4-6 weeks and they will give you plenty to work away with whilst we’re developing the other areas. The 3rd phase is anywhere from 3-6 weeks and the final phase is ongoing for as long as is needed for you individually.

Can you fully design and build my website?

Yes I can. Luckily for me I worked as a web developer for 5 years and have built many websites. This saves you a lot of time and money as it cuts out the third party. I build everything in WordPress and I have an after care package to help you with any queries once the build is finished.

Is it possible to do just one phase?

Yes of course that’s not a problem. The process is split into phases to help you work around your own needs and budget

Do I need to do the 1st phase?

No the workshop is not required however we will need to define this information to create a strong brand. You can work on this element yourself and add it to your design brief on application. 

What happens in the strategic website session?

Whether you decide to have your website built with me or not, knowing what you want your website to do for your business and how it will do that is key to a successful build. I’ve seen too many people spend a lot of money on a website only to have it sit there and do nothing. I wish to create websites that are useful and that you can see a return on your investment.

Can I just book the strategic website session with you?

Yes of course I’d love to help. Get in touch and we can make a plan.

Can you just help with my customer journey?

Yes of course I’d love to help. Get in touch and we can make a plan.

I already have a website but it's not working for me, can you help?

Yes of course I’d love to help. Get in touch and let me know what it is you wish to achieve and I’ll help you create a strong website.